Pinterest’s merits for beginners


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Pinterest brought visual boards to the online environment with a social appealing. On this new social network you can have as many boards as you wish and place on them all the content you find interesting. Since nobody is paying much attention to long texts, Pinterest’s key to success comes by being essentially visual. You can insert some text, but unless it is visually appealing, it will not be the focus of attention. more…

Six of the most innovative communications tools

What is Social Media? Hard to truly describe. It is more than just web tools you use to connect with people and subjects you’re interested on. I dare to say that social media is our life. In another dimension but still pieces of us communicating to the world all that we want to express. For companies, it is the chance to start or keep being part of people’s living. And don’t forget that just like people, your brand have an image to be looked after online too. more…