What about servers and hosting?


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Your web site needs a place to exist so the hosting services companies will be like your landlord (hoster), renting you a space on the web. All the data of your site will be placed on the computers working as servers for your hosting provider. Server is the territory where your web site is being hosted. These big computers functioning day and night to always give your page as the result for anybody requesting your domain.

A few years ago, it used to be 1 host with 1 domain, but now it is common to have one computer server hosting web sites under different domains. This technology is called virtual web hosting and allows hosting companies to provide low cost services to their customers.

What type of hosting?


Several web sites are hosted on the same server as yours. The hosting company is entitled to administrate the servers, do maintenance and provide customer support for clients. The amount of resources available for the user is displayed in forms of plans. Starting from the basic and going until the top plan, the prices and features change accordingly.


The hosting company allocates one server only for your web pages. This choice is usually recommended it when your website requires bigger storage or have high-traffic of readers. It demands a bigger investment of financial resources. Exclusivity it’s good, but comes for a price.

Virtual Private Servers

This type of hosting stands in between sharing and having a dedicated server. It allows to users more control and most features of a dedicated server without having to pay for the whole bill.

For a better picture, take a look on this infographic.

How can one host a website?
This procedure happens after or at the same time you are registering a domain name. Most hosting companies also offers domain name registration, but you are free to register the domain name with one company and hire the hosting from other. Always check before registering a domain if the hosting company offers a special price or give the first year of domain name for free when you use one of their plans. Here’s a list of the most reliable hosting companies of May 2012 according to Netcraft.

What shall be considered when choosing a hosting or server provider?
The ideal hosting should be reliable, meaning that their servers are stable, not letting your site out of order for no reason. They must meet your needs and be always available for support and problem solving, both for technical and for billing issues. Take into account the speed of response that the server gives to your website.

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