Twitter for beginners


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Twitter is a micro-blog service providing real-time information for users accordingly to their chosen networks. A place to share and find breaking news, opinions, links and pictures, all in a brief kind of way, because the space is limited. But if you think that 140 characters are not enough to communicate, I have to break it to you that 100 million active Twitter users don’t think so and their 175 million tweets a day only comes to show that you might be losing opportunities for not giving it a go.


Why it can be good for your business?Pinterest e-book from

Twitter can have an amazing value for your business. Just like other social networks, it enables communication between customers and professionals in your market and drives traffic to your web site. But once again we fall on the “relevancy” factor. On Twitter you must be short and relevant at the same time which is not a easy task, but with a little practice it is possible. About 25% of the users consider using Twitter as a tool to contact the brands, so you or whoever is going to administrate the account must be prepared to help, since Twitter has a power to spread easily hate for brands and create a lot of negative buzz. And don’t go thinking that you can skip this by not being there, it only gets worse. Companies like KLM are aware of that and started to use their accounts to offer full customer support. For more information about what users are expecting from Twitter, here’s a nice infographic.