Six of the most innovative communications tools

What is Social Media? Hard to truly describe. It is more than just web tools you use to connect with people and subjects you’re interested on. I dare to say that social media is our life. In another dimension but still pieces of us communicating to the world all that we want to express. For companies, it is the chance to start or keep being part of people’s living. And don’t forget that just like people, your brand have an image to be looked after online too.


Colour of social media

1. Facebook

Easily the #1 online communication source these days. That comes from the biggest social network on the world. 850 million members are a sufficient number to show how Facebook has gone through the uncertainties period a long time ago. Allowing users to connect with brands, friends and grandmas is just the beginning of this network power. Facebook not only stages great deal of all online interaction but also acts as a hub for pre and post offline interactions.

2. Twitter

Despite the end of the the buzz around it, Twitter continues to be a leader on social media tools. Somehow, the 140 character micro-blog have the ability to bring people and brands together like no other place. If you are a company, for example, you don’t wanna have your brand portrait badly on the Trending Topics. The power of mobilization that is typical from Twitter is being respected and valued. Some companies, use this tools as much as any other CRM tool.

3. Linkedin

If you are a professional, this is the place to be. On Linkedin, users find the place to show themselves as the professionals that they most of the times don’t look like on Facebook. Here thy are able to connect with former co-workers, employers and companies. If you are looking for a job, fill your profile and take a look on the opportunities offered worldwide. All for free, but of if you want an extra push you should try having a premium account. This is

4. Pinterest

If Twitter lost its buzz, Pinterest is most certainly the one who got it. For those into visual content and creativity watch out, because addiction possibilities are high. The premise is quite simple: each user have a profile where they can store pin boards of all things that interest them. One goes sharing to other and to other and the good thing is that a pin can drive traffic to your website. Right now, the digital pin board can give your website that boost that you’re dreaming of. With a 155% of viral lift expect great loads of traffic coming from Pinterest to you page. Web shops are also using the platform to showcase their collections with a feature that shows the price.

5. Foursquare

Where are you know? Where have you been lately? These are questions that Foursquare can give to your friends. Seems shallow and exhibitionist (and it is a bit) but there are also good aspects on that. Let’s say you don’t know some part of the city. On your mobile you can connect to Foursquare and see what the neighbourhood has to offer regarding food, entertainment, sports, parks and all kinds of services. Companies regularly reward Foursquare users with special offers. And before going to some place, you can see what other people said about it.

6. Google +

Still shy, Google + have importance cause is the place where this Tech giant is trying to find its place on the social network. Here you find a bit of Twitter, a lot of Facebook, a taste of Skype and integrate all the already well-know Google services. If you have a business, it’s time to setup a page on Google +, cause you know, this is Google and that can help you getting better positions on the search engine.