Pinterest’s merits for beginners


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Pinterest brought visual boards to the online environment with a social appealing. On this new social network you can have as many boards as you wish and place on them all the content you find interesting. Since nobody is paying much attention to long texts, Pinterest’s key to success comes by being essentially visual. You can insert some text, but unless it is visually appealing, it will not be the focus of attention.

It simply works by checking one of its 32 categories, then seeing something you like or identify with and pinning on one of your boards. If you still not hooked by it, try to imagine a place with more than 10 million users sharing what they find interesting and that only makes easy for me to assure that you will find something you like. Give it a go and watch out for addiction!

Why it can be good for your business?

Among the social networks, only Google+ topped Pinterest on the number of users after two years of launch. The gender demographic using Pinterest stills mainly composed by women, but the number of male users are increasingly growing just as the general amount of new users. The marketing appeal of this tool are being useful for companies wanting to sell products online, lead traffic to their websites and show their brand’s personality to customers.

All types of enterprises are taking advantage of what Pinterest can offer. From Nordstrom to Greenpeace. Try, it’s free!