LinkedIn for beginners


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Linkedin is considered a Facebook for business or a professional network, as they prefer to be called. The real description and the nickname are a great way to portrait the fact that 75% of its 150 million users are using the platform to showcase their CVs, look for a job and connect with friends, coworkers, former coworkers, top professionals, companies and subjects. Head hunters are increasingly using Linkedin to find matches for all kinds of job positions.

All very good, but Linkedin was feeling a little left-behind and decided to come up with something to bring users to their pages on a daily basis. The solution was a side project named Linkedin Today. The plan is based on delivering a social newspaper that uses algorithms to match you with stories displayed according to your interests and connections.

Why it can be good for your business?

Despite all the common features of a social network profile like drive traffic to your web site, raise awareness of your brand, set up a connection between your customers and display products and services. But the major benefits of Linkedin comes from what it’s unique, like the opportunity that companies announce job openings and select employees. It’s not by coincidence that 2 million companies are on Linkedin. Check how L’Oréal’s recruiting all over the world through Linkedin. The free services are limited and paid plans are offered for those who are looking for advanced features.

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