Google+ merits for beginners


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However Google’s new social network still have a long way to reach the popularity of Facebook, for years we are noticing their attempts to find a place among social network lovers. One thing is certain: we can’t never undervalue Google and its creations. Male is the gender of the majority of users. Google+’s claims to have more interesting features and a better control of the privacy settings. The Hangout is definitely the most outstanding tool that Google+ offers to their 90 million users. Through it, group video chat is made easier and fun.

Why it can be good for your business?

If being found on Google is important for your business as it is for almost every enterprise, you might start by not forgetting to build a page for your brand on Google+. Holding a page help you in the search ranking when somebody wants to look for services/products offered by you. Web conferences can be hold and improve the communication between you and your collaborators, partners and customers. As on the other social networks, some tips work for your presence on Google+. Avoid annoying promotion of your company and find a way to communicate with your target audience sharing links, stories and all type of content that could be interesting for them. Doing so, your brand awareness will increase just as your web site traffic will experience the same.