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What is a domain name?

An Internet server has your web site, but for you to reach it you must remember the Internet Protocol (IP) address your page is on. As this IP address is a sequence of numbers, it is not so easy to remember, therefore the Domain Name System (DNS) came to make this simpler. The domain name starts to work as a correspondent to that number sequence redirecting anyone who types your domain name to your page.

Domain name structure

The domain name structure is divided into levels. The top level is the one on the far right and represents the country codes or general descriptors, like a surname. The second level works as descriptors of the top level. The third level is the more specific descriptors and it’s like a given name. The dot(.) are level separators and that altogether work to make a web site unique and easily findable. To better portrait it, let’s see some examples: – bbc is the third level, co is the second level and uk is the top level. – google is the second level and com is the top level.

Got it? If you don’t, try watching this video.

How can one register a domain name?
Once the domain name is chosen you must look for registrars. These are companies in charge to conclude the registration procedure along with the ICANN, the organization coordinating all the identifiers saw above. On the registrars you can check the availability of the name you intend to register and which top level domains you will choose, .com, .net, etc.

This can be the cheapest part of the process of having a good web site. If the domain name of your choice is available it will cost you about £7 a year. Sometimes, it is advised to register similar domain names, so your audience end up on your page even if they mistype the name of your main domain. The ICANN have a listing of the registrars, so you can search for better offers.

What shall be considered when choosing the registrar.

First of all, the chosen registrar must be certified by ICANN. So, always look for this certification on registrars web sites. Then, customer service is the second most important factor when choosing your registrar. Prefer to register your domain with a company who provides you full assistance in case of difficulties, the best ones are those allowing users to chat with trained staff ready to resolve different kinds of issues.

4Image UK’s service for your convenience:
For our clients (if they want) we arrange all the necessary technical background issues for their websites. So we register the domain name(s) and rent the server for them. Only thing they have to do is to fill out our registration form, and send it back to us signed and scanned.

If you are not our Client yet, and don’t have a domain name yet, we can help you by giving some useful pieces of advise about what to choose, or what definitely not to choose. Check out our article on mistakes made when choosing wrong domain names.


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